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Pregnancy and postnatal personal training:

Looking for a pregnancy personal trainer? Or a postnatal personal trainer in Surrey? Our pregnancy and postnatal personal training packages are designed to give you everything you need. Helping you to stay, or become, active during pregnancy or as a new mum.

What does PREGNANCY personal training involve?

Sessions are tailored for you and so will vary for each person. So this will depend on stage of pregnancy, fitness levels and your individual needs.
However, we will work on:

  • optimal core strength in pregnancy.
  • safe lifting techniques and resistance training for pregnancy.
  • pelvic floor work.
  • nutrition and lifestyle guidance.
  • breathing techniques to carry you through pregnancy and into the postnatal stage.

All sessions are designed to help you have a smooth, energy-filled pregnancy. Safely prepare you for birth and a healthy, fast recovery post-birth. As well as to help you avoid issues which can occur during pregnancy. These issues include pelvic pain, water retention and the start of diastasis recti (abdominal separation).

What does POSTNATAL personal training involve?

Our postnatal training sessions are entirely built around you. Taking into account how recently you had your baby. Whether you had any issues such as diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction. Also, your current fitness levels and individual needs.

We will work on:

  • optimal exercises for core and pelvic floor recovery.
  • modified training if you are experiencing any issues with diastasis recti or pelvic floor problems.
  • resistance training to help rebuild and strengthen postnatally.
  • nutrition and lifestyle guidance.
  • optimal breathing techniques to allow you to reconnect to your core and floor.
  • stretches and relaxation techniques to relieve some of the stresses of being a mum.

The sessions are designed to help you make a fast recovery. They can also help you avoid and heal issues which can occur postnatally such as pelvic pain and diastasis recti (abdominal separation). Allowing you to feel confident in your body’s abilities and strength.

Training packages

Whether you are looking for pregnancy or postnatal personal training all packages include:

Full initial consultation

To assess your alignment and posture. To ensure we are working to your strengths. Helping to correct any weaknesses before they become issues.

Tailored at home or gym-based workouts

For between sessions which you can access via an app. The app allows you to log sessions, send message and track your nutrition.

Continual support

If you have any questions, worries or need anything between sessions.

Nutrition advice

Nutrition advice is also included as part of your package, if that is something you feel you need help with.

*Packages run for a minimum 3 month initial commitment*


I offer three different monthly packages (Bronze, Silver and Gold level) to guide clients through the pregnancy and postnatal training journey in a holistic manner, covering aspects including 1-2-1 training, home workouts, nutrition and self care.

More interested in online training?

Check out our sister programme Stronger Mother for at home postnatal workouts you can follow at your own pace!

How do I begin?

Use the sign-up form below or use email (emily@emilyg.co.uk) or by texting 07803 125545.  Remember, the consultation is free so you have nothing to lose!

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