Below are some testimonials from previous and current clients.

I cannot recommend Emily enough. I actually enjoy working out now and seeing the improvements both to my physical and mental wellbeing.
I started working with Emily when I was 3 months pregnant and saw her pretty much weekly until I gave birth. Each session was tailored to my individual needs and adapted as my pregnancy went on, to accommodate my ever decreasing mobility. She regularly sent me new exercise plans that I could use at home and at the gym. I am useless without a guide at the gym so this was in valuable. Better still, she listened to my feedback and changed the plans so that they worked better for me (I prefer working harder for 3 sets rather than having an easier exercise for 4 sets).
I honestly believe that my recovery post birth has been as a result of working with Emily. Both my physio and doctor have been surprised by the speed of my recovery. I still have a way to go before I get the body I want, but now I’m back working with Emily, I know it won’t be long until I achieve that.

Testimonial provided by Heather D, Fetcham

I was a regular gym user before I got pregnant and would run, do HIT classes and weights but as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t know what I could and couldn’t do in the gym. I knew that I wanted to stay active during my pregnancy.  I spoke with a couple of PT’s and most of them could only train me up to 12 weeks as they hadn’t didn’t have the right qualifications, I then came across Emily who specialises in training pregnant women.

Emily started training me at my home (which is so convenient and meant no excuses not to go to the gym!) from about 8 weeks and l trained with her pretty much every week until my baby was born.  Emily would then set me personalised workouts to do on my own either at the gym or at home.

Keeping active during my pregnancy was a key thing for me and Emily really helped me with that. 


At my 6 week doctors appointment after having my baby, the doctor said that I had the best abs she’d seen at a 6 week check! I can definitely credit that to Emily!

Since having my baby, I’ve started training again with Emily and it’s great to be training again and working towards my fitness goals!

Testimonial provided by Elizabeth M, Bookham

I worked with Emily from about 5 months into my pregnancy. I was determined to keep fit and healthy but wasn’t quite sure about what I should and shouldn’t be doing so decided to seek help from a professional. And Emily was exactly what I was looking for.


From the start she put me at my ease with her approachable and friendly nature. We always did a range of exercises across our sessions which kept them fun and enjoyable. I’m absolutely sure that the work we did together hugely helped me to recover from my c-section more quickly and become a stronger mum.

Testimonial provided by Bryony C, Coulsdon

I feel as though I struck gold finding Emily. I found her through a site called ‘bark’ where you go if you are looking for someone local to you for whatever job you need doing. Mine was for postnatal PT.


I met Emily and knew straight away I was on to something good. There is no ego, just sound knowledge and advice. Emily really understands the mechanics of a postnatal body and carefully put together a varied training plan for me. She was very flexible and allowed me to use my sessions in a way that fit round me and also provided me with exercise plans via an app so i could follow these alone where I wasn’t able to see her for a week. She is calm and encouraging and my baby daughter really enjoyed her visits, if needs be Emily calmed her while I got on with my workout. I feel stronger as a result of seeing Emily just once a week for three months and will miss seeing Emily as I take her workouts to my own gym! Thank you for everything Emily!”

Testimonial provided by Caroline R, Esher

I have been training with Emily since the beginning of the year, and from day one she instantly made me feel comfortable and enjoy each session!

Each workout is different, Emily always mixes up the routine but keeps a few exercises in to show your improvement – something I find so helpful, as it keeps me motivated, but having the variety and new challenges each week is also so exciting. I now look forward to seeing the new moves she’ll throw at me, as I fully trust she understands and believes in my fitness levels more than me!

And to me, that’s the best bit about training with Emily G Fitness, she gives me the confidence to try (and maybe, not always get it spot on!), but I know that I am making real improvements to my fitness and I couldn’t ask for anything more in a personal trainer!

Thank you Emily for being so GREAT — let’s start calling you Emily Great Fitness

Testimonial provided by Lisa A, Surbiton

I have been training with Emily a couple of times a week for just over 4 weeks now and already I am feeling 100 times better both physically and emotionally.

The workouts are challenging yet still fun and she always mixes them up.

I have also found the home workouts she has provided me with really good, they are quick and get the job done.

She pushes me to my limit and my results so far prove it- I have lost over a stone in weight and 2.5 inches from my waist!

It feels amazing.

Yes I have more work to do as I’m not where I want to be yet but I am confident that with her guidance and support I will get there!

Can’t thank her or recommend her enough!

Testimonial provided by Amelia C, Bookham

Emily is very effective at what she does – a true motivator, pushes you hard, yet responds to your limits, and works with you to design a unique fitness programme that works for you. I cannot recommend Emily highly enough.

Testimonial provided by Mandeep G, Guildford

Hi Emily. We had a healthy beautiful baby girl on Friday! Thank you for all your help- she is so healthy weighing 6.4lbs and so tall! Newborn clothes don’t fit. She was pretty much all bump. It’s crazy how your bump goes down straight after the operation. Everyone at the hospital is so impressed with my recovery- I didn’t take any hardcore painkillers and started walking around on the day. Someone even asked if I was athletic. All thanks to your hard work! You were amazing through the pregnancy. Thank you so much.

Testimonial provided by Hardip A, Surbiton

Thank goodness for meeting Emily who has restored my faith in exercise. Emily was able to put together an exercise programme that suited my needs considering I suffer from fibromyalgia. I can now exercise gently whilst getting the same results as I used to get but without the agonising pain. I highly recommend Emily.

Testimonial provided by Libby J, Mickelham

Great, reliable and friendly service.  Did a great job encouraging my wife to continue her training after recently having a baby.

Testimonial provided by Ben, Epsom

Thank you to everyone who has provided such amazing feedback.  If you like what you’ve read then get in touch now and I’ll help get you started working towards your goals.

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