Online Training:

STRONGER Mother is a 14-week online training programme for postnatal women. Created by a EmilyG – postnatal personal trainer and fitness specialist. Stronger Mother gives you the foundations of full-body strength in an accessible, affordable and easy to follow format.

At home workouts

  • Minimal equipment required so, no need for gym membership.
  • Over 100 exercises. Simple, clear and easy to follow instructions.
  • Support from specialist trainers and other women like you.
  • Suitable for postnatal women, from beginner exercises to more experienced athletes.
  • New workout videos released each week to keep it interesting!

Progressive online training

The Stronger Mother programme is designed to be progressive, building up from the simple (but effective) core workouts to more intensive, postnatal workouts alongside the core movements. You will learn to reconnect with your core and pelvic floor, get stronger and feel more confident in your body.

Built in support

Just because Stronger Mother is an online training programme, doesn’t mean you are left on your own! Get support directly from the creator for Stronger Mother – EmilyG a specialist postnatal personal trainer. As well as from the Stronger Mother community via a private Facebook group. We’re here to help you with any questions or issues you might have. Or if you just need a little boost or extra motivation!

Expert instruction

Created by a postnatal personal trainer. Each exercise comes with full video (with spoken instruction), as well as written instructions. You can feel safe in the knowledge that every movement is suitable for mums of all ages and stages!