Pre and post natal personal training.

What should I expect from pre and post natal personal training? It may be the first time you have ever experienced working with a personal trainer. Below are some of the things you can expect from pre and post natal personal training.

Working with a pre and post natal personal trainer

As a specialist pre and post natal personal trainer I am here to help you stay healthy through pregnancy. Or recover well postpartum.
When you begin personal training with me, I spend time getting to know what you need as an individual. We chat through what you are looking for from pre or post natal personal training – your goals, worries, likes/dislikes. I also take a thorough history from you and spend time assessing your individual needs in terms of mobility, physical issues and current fitness levels. That way I can be sure that the programme I create is the one that will work best for you.


Goal setting:

I encourage all clients to have goals that they can work towards. And I gently guide you away from these being purely weight/aesthetic related. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look better. But having goals for your pre and post natal personal training like being able to run for ‘x’ amount of time, feel strong enough to do ‘x’ are ultimately much more satisfying to achieve!

Training goals, some examples:

Anything works but it’s always good to have a non-weight related goal for your pre and post natal personal training!

post baby personal training

Pre and Post Natal personal training – what is a session like?

Your pre and post natal personal training sessions are entirely built around you and your needs. For example: if you recently had a baby – we take into account when you gave birth, whether you had any issues such as diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction and your previous exercise history.

Regardless of your life stage – pregnant, postnatal, menopausal – sessions take into account your current fitness levels and your individual needs. During your training we will work on:

  • optimal exercises so you can strengthen core and pelvic floor (important for all women!)
  • modified pre and postnatal training if you are experiencing any issues such as injury, diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction
  • resistance training to help you build and strengthen your muscles
  • nutrition and lifestyle guidance
  • stretches and relaxation techniques so you can relieve some of the stresses of daily life
  • workouts to follow on your own between sessions so you can carry on the good work without feeling lost

Continual Support

I offer my clients continual support. So you’re not just left to fend for yourself between sessions. If you have questions, worries or are having a wobble, I’m here to help!

Looking for online training?

Not sure if post natal personal training is for you? You might want to workout safely in the comfort of your own home. Then you might try using a programme designed by a specialist personal trainer. Tested by women worldwide. Then the Stronger Mother programme could be for you!
Stronger Mother is a 14-week online training programme for postnatal women. Created by a EmilyG – postnatal personal trainer and fitness specialist.
Stronger Mother gives you the foundations of full-body strength in an accessible, affordable and easy to follow format.