Why strong glutes rule in pregnancy (and life)

Bum, butt, booty, buns, bottom. Whatever you choose to call them, we can all agree that good glutes really do look great. Big, small or in-between, if your butt muscles are strong, chances are they will also be shapely, pert and round, regardless of size.

Why you need strong glutes

We can all agree that a good behind is an asset – after all Kim Kardashian has built a career around hers! But shapely, strong bottoms are awesome not simply because they look aesthetically pleasing in tight jeans!

Your glutes (the gluteus minimus, medius and maximus) are the largest and strongest muscles in your body. The three muscles work together with the hamstrings to rotate, abduct and extend the hip. They are vital to good posture and make sitting, standing and picking up heavy objects easier. If your glutes and hamstrings are strong you are less likely to experience pain and injuries in your knees, hips, pelvic floor and back.

Strong glutes for pregnancy and beyond

Good posture is vital during pregnancy as everything shifts and alters to accommodate the growing baby. Low back pain is very common during pregnancy, often as a result of bad posture stemming from weak glutes. By strengthening the gluteal muscles and concentrating on correct alignment you can avoid some of the pain and discomfort that weak postural muscles can cause.

Strong legs and glutes will help both during labour – you’ll need those muscles for the pushing marathon that delivery can be – and in postpartum recovery.

Glutes that are strong support a strong pelvic floor which is possibly the most important muscle group to concentrate on maintaining and strengthening during pregnancy.

Strong glutes:

  • Help stabilise and support the lower back and pelvic floor
  • Decrease back and hip pain
  • Help give you good alignment and optimal positioning in the pelvis for baby
  • Give you the strength and endurance for labour and birth
  • Look good in your leggings 😉

Exercise for strong glutes in pregnancy

There are multiple amazing, pregnancy safe, booty strengthening options out there. We will cover more in a future post but for now:

  1. Squats – whether body weight or weighted, squats are an essential exercise for pregnant folk!
    Stand with back straight, core engaged and feet just a little more than hip distance apart. Drive bottom back and squat down to around parallel ensuring knees don’t track over toes.
    Drive back up to standing using the heels.
    Repeat for 3 sets of 10.
  2. Sumo squats – these are great to hit the inner thighs as well as the glutes. You may find them easier than standard squats as your bump gets bigger!
    Stand with feet wider than hip distance apart, toes pointing at around 30 degrees outwards.
    Back straight and core engaged.
    Drive bottom back as if sitting in a chair.
    Squat down to around parallel, or where you are comfortable, and back up. Feeling the work in the inner thighs.
    Repeat for 3 sets of 10.

*Always check with your midwife or healthcare provider before beginning a new exercise regime*

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